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Powering the flow of data

FME connects hundreds of data sources together, granting your business valuable insight. Integrating data & apps has never been easier!

Seamless & FME integrates your data.

How do we help your business?

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data - The Economist

All organizations now have access to endless data. The difficult part is extracting the value, as this information is often siloed, disparate and unformatted. Integration seeks to break down those barriers, making your organisation’s data not only accessible and usable to all, but of a far higher quality. When this is achieved, you’re well placed to obtain maximum value from the raw information you

Key benefits

  • Important business decisions are made simpler with quality data.
  • Centralisation reduces complexity and increases efficiency.
  • Good data grants greater control and adaptability.
  • It’s an investment that serves to future-proof your organisation.
  • Configuration, management, and support are available within a single solution.
FME - Data Ingetration Platform

Trusted by companies large and small

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Seamless Data & FME

are an authorised FME Partner

Seamless Data - Safe Authorised Partner

Automate your workflows

The FME Platform

Data is becoming many organisation’s most valuable resource, and at Seamless we’re committed to helping businesses make the most of this incredible asset. As an Authorised Partner and Cloud Managed Service Provider of the FME integration platform, we provide training, technical support, development, hosting and fully managed services on every aspect of the FME ecosystem, including Desktop, Server and Cloud. 

FME connects business systems together. In the process it breaks down data silos, and allows information to flow freely throughout your organisation. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, your team can then create data workflows and automations that remove the busy work, and let you instead focus on the incredible insights served up by the data. No developers, no code, no worries: FME is world-leading intelligence wrapped up in a simple to use package.

FME Desktop

Connect applications and transform data in a few quick clicks with FME Desktop. Create and reuse data integration workflows easily.

FME Server

Run workflows in real-time using FME Server enterprise automation and rest easy knowing your data is where it needs to be.

FME Cloud

Run FME Server in the cloud. FME Cloud combines the speed and flexibility of the cloud with the automation power of FME Server.

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Automate your workflows

FME - The Simple Solution for Complex Integration

Connect your Applications

Eliminate data silos and move information between 450+ applications using FME's visual interface. FME's geospatial support also integrates valuable location information into the data

Transform your Data

Ensure data quality through the integration lifecycle with FME transformers. Mold your data to your needs by performing unique processing tasks, using any combination of 500+ transformers.

Automate your Workflows

Use FME to turn manual tasks into repeatable or event-based automated workflows. Grant your stakeholders access to data that is updated regularly or even in real-time.

Hosted or On-Premise

Deploy FME cloud and leave the server maintenance, backups and support to us, freeing you to concentrate on the high-value work. Alternatively, utilise your own hardware, cloud or virtual machine.

A solution for everyone

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