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Our Industries: Local Government

FME is the ultimate tool for local governments who take data seriously.

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How FME helps Local Government

Cities are dynamic and ever-changing, and this change is only increasing in pace. Keeping up with the evolution of your city demands an adaptable and data-driven approach; one that transforms and manages your datasets effortlessly, ensuring you are never limited in the software and programs you can utilise. FME has been designed to do exactly that.

FME Local Government

Deliver Data and Reports

Well-built, open data systems are essential if you are to process data efficiently. With FME you can create and share data products and reports that deliver intelligence about public awareness and safety to those who need it. You can even automate emergency alerts via SMS, granting direct and instant contact with citizens!

FME Local Government

Land Management and Urban Planning

By painting a more complete picture of the current and future state of your region, potential land development issues can be discussed sooner rather than later. Generate virtual 3D models of environments, and enjoy enhanced decision-making in land management and site selection.

FME local government

Maintain Data for Utility Departments

Technological advancements are constantly being made, and it’s essential that your data systems keep up with the pace of change. With FME you can integrate all utility data so that it is compatible with the latest and greatest utility management software.

FME Local Government

Expand Infrastructure

As a city’s population grows and develops, so too must its infrastructure. Local governments must manage assets like roads, waterways, paths and parks, keep the public abreast of any changes, and continually get a sense of how the community is evolving to plan for the future, all things that FME can help you achieve.

FME Local Government


Local governments must provide civil defence emergency management dispatchers with accurate, current information to remove guesswork and increase response speed. One way FME can help is by equipping first responders with on-site details by pulling information posted on social media.

FME Local Government

Improve Collaboration

Internal collaboration is key in local government. FME ensures that data is available to anyone who needs it across the organisation, no matter what department they might be in. Having accessible data will increase project management efficiency and create a cohesive and collaborative environment.

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Customers Story

Nelmac & Tasman District Council

In 2018 we partnered with Nelmac, a company that maintains parks for the Tasman District Council (TDC). Nelmac were rebidding for the work and sought to add value in order to secure the contract. We provided enhanced reporting to the client through geospatially enabled, near-real-time dashboards that were integrated with Nelmac’s job management system vWork. The project was comprehensive and complex, featuring a number of stakeholders across a variety of organisations. We took a three-stage approach to implementation, from data gathering and monitoring, to building the integration services, and finishing with authoring dashboards. After five months of hard work, Nelmac now delivers a far superior service, and boasts improved information on TDC assets. 

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