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FME and CVE-2021-44228

By |December 14, 2021|

On the 10th of December, details regarding a new security vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-44228 (aka Log4Shell aka LogJam) were released.  This issue is generating considerable media attention and further information can be found here. Seamless are in close contact with Safe Software who have reviewed the issue and checked for [...]

Dell Boomi or FME: Which Is the Better Integration Platform?

By |December 3, 2021|

All organisations are increasingly leaning on smart solutions to solve business problems. But they soon realise that implementing too many solutions can end up creating more issues – without integration, data becomes increasingly siloed, and meaningful insights become increasingly difficult to gain.  Enter the integration platform.  In Dell Boomi and FME you have two of [...]

The Top 14 Questions to Ask Your Integration Platform Provider

By |November 25, 2021|

No two businesses or government organisations have the exact same data integration needs. With a wealth of solutions generating, managing and storing data in an almost infinite amount of ways, it can be an overwhelming prospect to identify an integration tool capable of tying all your disparate information together. At [...]

Helping a South Canterbury Power Network Enhance Safety and Efficiency

By |August 20, 2021|

Injecting energy into the community Alpine Energy takes a rather unique approach to managing the electricity distribution in South Canterbury. It not only services a thriving community of 31,000, it’s also owned and operated by that same community. The Alpine shareholders – the Timaru, Waimate and Mackenzie District Councils, [...]

Seamless are premier cloud managed service providers

By |August 10, 2021|

Recognising success delivering cloud integration solutions We are proud to announce that Seamless are Premier FME Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSP).  This Safe Software's most prestigious cloud integration designation and recognises our high quality cloud integration solutions. Safe Software's Technical Director, Stewart Harper says "Seamless has a very [...]

How Ethos Urban Found the Keys to Seamless Development

By |July 21, 2021|

A world built on data Ethos Urban is an Australian organisation focused on delivering a better urban experience; one that blends design, economics, engagement and planning, and that is focused on the future, with sustainability and human needs guiding every decision. Ethos Urban has spent the last quarter-century [...]

Come Celebrate our Seamless Launch!

By |July 3, 2021|

Introducing Seamless, Data and App Integration For the last few years, Traverse – New Zealand’s mapping and geospatial experts – have been authorised partners of Safe Software Inc; more specifically the company’s FME integration platform. What began as an additional offering to Traverse customers has gone on to become a major [...]

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