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How FME helps the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is one of constant evolution. In recent years data has become the driver of change and innovation, allowing businesses to increase efficiency and identify opportunities better than ever before, a fact that FME helps transportation firms to capitalise on.

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Map Routes & Track Movement

Navigating waterways, skies, railways and roads to offer the best and most efficient transportation services has always been a challenge. But with the help of real-time weather, traffic and port schedule and emergency data, getting from A to B is made safer and easier than ever.

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Plan for the future

With the global population continuing to grow and develop, transportation companies must find ways to keep pace with change. The smart management of data allows you to monitor and plan projects carefully, ensuring your transportation services only become more safe and accessible into the future.

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Simulate Transport Scenarios

Data visualisations are easier for our minds to understand. FME can generate data models in 2D and 3D, helping you to better understand concepts, gain insights, share findings, and make decisions. Creative modelling inevitably leads to creative solutions.

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Make data access universal

Collaboration is key to transportation success. FME ensures that data is available to anyone who needs it across the organisation, no matter what department or team they might be in. Knowledge is power, so getting data in the hands of those who need it is fantastic for business.

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Organise Data for IoT Management

Smart devices and mobile apps are increasingly being utilised by the transportation industry, with the internet of things (IoT) making it possible to get real-time information on things like delivery status and vehicle location. FME efficiently and effectively manages IoT data, keeping all stakeholders in the loop.

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Manage Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicles are increasingly connected with other systems. Whether from the GPS or onboard diagnostic ports, vehicle data can now be instantly accessed by authorised users, allowing a transportation company to gather route, customer relationship and vehicle health insights.

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Customers Story

Waka Kotahi, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)

We used FME Server to help Waka Kotahi – the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) – to connect and automate data across several internal and partner systems. By integrating the likes of SAP, TREIS, Azure Data Warehouse, and many other critical systems, we helped the agency collaborate better, make more informed cross-agency decisions, build trust and confidence with greater transparency. The solution significantly lowered effort and costs while granting Waka Kotahi real-time updates, and the ability to run self-service data extracts.

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