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How FME helps Utility Agencies

Data challenges will only increase for utility companies as the amount of data increases, our reliance on it becomes more acute, and data-reliant technologies continue to evolve. FME offers a better way to manage utility data, automatically ensuring your data is accessible, well managed and always up-to-date.

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Integrate Multiple Data Sources

The internet of things (IoT) has forever changed the utility space, with endless data generated by sensors and devices located throughout the ecosystem. By integrating all of this data into a single platform, you can better identify both issues and opportunities, and seriously enhance your service offering.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Empower your customers by delivering transparent information in captivating ways. Transform huge and confusing datasets into simple and beautiful visualisations that better inform both you and your customers, and deliver an enhanced experience. Track trends, make better decisions, and earn more business.

Adopt Business Intelligence

Transform your data so that it is compatible with business intelligence platforms like Tableau or Qlik and identify the best decisions to make and opportunities to take. Indeed, with FME you can modify your data in whatever way you need, opening up a world of opportunity for your business.

Data Automation

Big data doesn’t have to be a big hassle. FME turns it from intimidating to exciting by taking the management almost entirely out of your hands. Automated workflows see the repetitive and laborious elements of data management taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on high value work.

Enhance GIS Networks

With more people moving into urban spaces, the demand for utility access is increasing. FME grants the ability to easily maintain assets and spatial network information, even when it is collected in the field, by automatically directing data to the correct storage location (including Esri's Utility Network).

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Adapt to Technological Advancements

Adapting to the constant influx of new, improved and disruptive technologies rests upon an organisation’s ability to efficiently and effectively manage its data. FME allows you to get comfortable in this environment of constant change and adaptation, utilising cloud technology to automatically collect and manage data.

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Customers Story

Alpine Energy LTD

As a company tasked with delivering uninterrupted electricity no matter the situation, self-reliance is a high priority at Alpine Energy LTD (AEL). Partnering with Seamless, the use of FME Server ensured just that. FME was chosen as an efficient and reliable solution that would replace a collection of code-based legacy data and photo update scripts that no longer aligned with their out-of-the-box first strategy. FME ticked every box, supporting complex data formats, while offering server-based automation and clicks not code with a visual, drag-and-drop UI, making it the perfect solution for AEL's unique problem. As a result, AEL now uses FME Server across a range of business systems.  

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